DIY Doggie Easter Egg Hunt

Pet friendly Easter Egg Hunt ideas!

Who says Easter Egg Hunts are just for kids? Follow these simple steps and you can have a Doggie Easter Hunt for your pup this holiday!

STEP 1: Download the Pretty Fluffy Easter Egg Hunt sign below, print on an A4 sheet of card paper & place in your yard.
STEP 2: With your dog safely tucked away plant some of his or her favourite treats throughout the yard.
STEP 3: Release your pooch and watch them search for the yummy goodies!

A fun Easter Egg Hunt for fur-children! Includes printable signage, dog friendly easter treat ideas and photo instructions.


Doggie Easter Egg Hunt Treat Ideas

Chewable Dog Treats
A small amount of Peanut Butter in a hidden Kong
Small pieces of Cooked Chicken, Cabanossi or Cheese
Carob or Yoghurt Doggie Easter Eggs (always remove foil first)
Liver Treats
Doggie Easter Cookies

Pet friendly Easter Egg Hunt ideas!

Handy Hints

  • If your dog has a ‘dig’ area or sandpit try burying some of the more durable treats.
  • Ensure the treats included in the hunt are allocated as part of your dog’s daily food intake.
  • Count the amount of treats hidden to make sure they’re all found and eaten! You don’t want leftover treats luring in other visitors to your yard.
  • If you’re having a children’s Easter Egg Hunt do it at a separate time to ensure no dogs eat the kids treats and vice versa!
  • Take your dog for a walk to make sure they burn off the treats and enjoy some quality holiday time with you.
  • Never feed your dog chocolate. This includes Easter Eggs!

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