DIY Valentine Treat Boxes

DIY Doggie Valentine Treat Boxes | Pretty Fluffy

Now if you’re normally the type of person that feels sick to their stomach when you hear the acronym DIY, this post is for you.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day I’ve come up with one of the most user friendly, easy peasy DIY projects – Doggie Valentine Treat Boxes.

Because if anyone deserves a Valentine this year, isn’t it our fluffy friends who give us unconditional love every other day of the year?

You’ll Need

Pack of small craft boxes (try Spotlight or your favourite craft store)
Sticky Tape
Tissue Paper
Heart Shaped Dog Treats – I purchased mine from Delicious Delights 4 Decadent Dogs, but to bake your own click here for a scrumptious fluffy Valentine recipe.

DIY Doggie Valentine Treat Boxes | Pretty Fluffy

Valentine Treat Boxes Tutorial

1. Assemble craft box securing inside with sticky tape
2. Insert tissue paper into bottom of box and add treats
3. Close box and wrap with ribbon
4. Print out your free Pretty Fluffy Valentine Gift Cards, cut out and attach.
5. Repeat and distribute to all your fluffy friends!

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